Satan’s Domain

Tradition, Hollywood, and folklore usually depict Satan as ruling from Hell. In many horror movies the plot involves finding Hell’s gate, opening Hell’s gate, or breeching Hell’s gate. Hollywood frightens or intrigues us with the idea that the forces of Hell are trying to make it into our world or our dimension and that bad things will happen if they do.

If we want to discover the truth about The Enemy we should consult God’s word, not the entertainment industry. One of Satan’s schemes is to convince us that he resides in the realm of the dead and that he can’t get at us unless there is a supernatural mishap. In reality, Hell is not Satan’s kingdom; Earth is his domain. Want proof? Just watch the evening news. Evil thrives alongside righteousness in our fallen world. The Enemy and all his soldiers are here. We’re living in his back-yard (John 12:31; Ephesians 2:1-2; Revelation 12:7-11).

Even our concept of Hell is usually inaccurate. In reality, Hell is unpopulated. Scripture calls Hell, “The Lake of Fire.” It is the “second death.” Satan will never rule in Hell. Hell is the final place of his judgment. It is the lake of fire into which he, his demons, and all who follow him will be cast on Judgement Day and tormented forever. Hell is separation from God and the eternal abode of all who follow Satan by refusing to surrender to Christ and thereby receive the life of grace God has made available (Revelation 20:7-14).

Scared? Apart from Christ, you should be. Fortunately, Christ’s kingdom is advancing on earth. The mission Christ gave His church is to advance His kingdom in the world and the hearts of men. We are called to share the Gospel and the Gospel is designed to set captives free, “captives” being all who are enslaved by sin. God has made a way for all people to escape judgment and to live with Him in glory forever (see the “Compelling Truth” page on this blog).

One of Jesus’ favorite greetings and one of the favorite greetings of His angels is, “Fear not!” It is God’s will to give you His kingdom, so you don’t have to inherit Satan’s “kingdom” of judgment, which is our natural birthright absent the redemptive action of Christ in our lives.

When Christ is our hope, we have no cause for fear because “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4). Earth is Satan’s domain, but only for a short time; His judgment is coming, and coming quickly.


3 thoughts on “Satan’s Domain

  1. Tim,
    I like what the Lord lead to write here. The Lord has been leading me into scriptures this week that deal with the same subject. Richard and Henry Blackaby wrote something I found valuable as well. They said,” Fearing Satan is like fearing a prisoner of war. You have no need or calling to defeat Satan; you only need to apply Christ’s victory in every area of your life and to live the victorious Christian life. If Satan can divert you to wage a warfare that has already ended in surrender then he has eliminated your effectiveness where God wants you.”
    Thanks for being obedient brother and confirming the path God has us on.

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